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      Bristol, Tennessee is the headquarters of Charity Baptist Mission Inc.  It is here that the Lord called Rev. Potter to start a work that would reach all around the world.  Each "Arm" that is listed above has been birthed out of Brookside Baptist Church.  The church was built in 1954, by Rev. Potter and today in 2002, he is still the pastor and director of all operation in Tennessee.  He believes that what the Lord calls one to do is through the local church. 

    Each year we have three Camp Meetings. One in March, July and October.  These meetings have been a blessing to us as well as many others that travel many miles to worship and enjoy the spirit of the Lord.  In some of our most recent meetings, we have had people travel to Tennessee from Florida, Colorado, New York, New Hampshire, Michigan, Pennsylvania and the list goes on and on. We truly believe in the old time worship of the Lord and we feel this is what draws people into the meetings.  It is not about us, but that we would give the Lord all the praise for without him, we could do nothing.

     We hope you enjoy what the Lord is doing in the many areas of the ministry.  We thank God for where he placed us here in the mountains of Tennessee. He truly is so good.

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