Brookside Baptist Academy

In 1978, we felt we should put our children from the home into a Christian School.  This was a big step for us.  There was a lot of prayer that went into this decision.  We received the ok from the Lord to do this.  Until 1985, our children attended a local Christian School. 

Then in November of 1985, the Lord laid it upon Rev. Potter to start the Brookside Baptist Academy.  Due to certain circumstances he felt like the Lord was leading him to start a private school.  Today the school is going strong. We have grades K5 through the 12th grade.  This has been a real blessing.  The kids are schooled in the ACE program as well as Beka.  Our principal Don Greene came to us from Deep Gap, North Carolina.  He and his wife Janet are teachers in the school.   After graduating, some of our students have gone onto college to become Nurses, Engineers, Accountants, etc. 


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