Roadside Mission of Boston
Jim Costigan

Brother Jim Costigan and his wife Jo-Ann have been doing mission work on the streets of Boston for over ten years.  God delivered brother Costigan from a life on the streets and gave him a burden to reach people on the streets with the gospel.  With a population of over four million people of many different nationalities living in Boston and it’s suburbs, this is a great and effective open door for the gospel. 

Brother Costigan works the streets almost daily, presenting the gospel to the people through street preaching, free gospels, New Testaments, Bibles, gospel tracts, and preaching cassette tapes.  A number of businesses now allow him to keep gospel tracts and preaching tapes on racks in their place of business, where people can take them free of charge.  At times he broadcasts preaching on the streets by use of a P.A. system.  His ministry on the streets has varied from witnessing to and feeding the homeless, to speaking with international diplomats about their souls!

The Costigan family receives financial and material support through Charity Baptist Mission.  In the past the mission board had sent them hundreds of pre-recorded preaching cassettes monthly for distribution  in the Boston area.


From the Streets of Boston Massachusetts




Dear Friends,               April 18, 2020


We trust this finds you well during these trying days. Life is certainly different from what we are accustomed to. Thankfully God has not changed.


We wanted to inform you that brother Jim Costigan passed away on April 13, 2020. Jim had been hospitalized with serious illnesses many times in the past years. Even with losing his leg, being in constant pain, and serious issues with his kidneys, Jim always had the souls of all he met on his mind and heart. Whether in the hospital or on the streets of Boston, Jim would give out tracts to anyone who would take them. He would tell us stories of someone who would take a tract, then stop and read it, sometimes hearing back from them at a later date. That would excite him and encourage him so much.

Jim is on a gurney in January of 2020 and wrote the following text; “Although I am not enjoying a fractured hip God is using it to his glory. I am back and forth from one VA hospital to another for different reasons. This means lots of people are in need of the word of God. The Lord told Paul my grace is sufficient. Sometimes these verses are not easy to apply, but when you see the grace of God at work, praise the Lord”.


“It’s such a blessing because the ambulance driver brought me to my room and took a whole bunch of different Chick tracts to read. He really enjoyed Holy Joe as he was sitting in back with me reading it. I couldn't believe he took a whole stack different ones.”


Boston has lost a true friend. He made a difference in many lives. Today Jim is with the Saviour he loved, walking and surely worshipping HIM!


We want to thank you for your faithful support of Brother Jim. You had a part with many getting saved and lives being eternally changed. I don’t think we will know down here the impact that Brother Jim made on so many lives.


May God bless you and keep you safe in these difficult days.


In Christ, Michael Nixon, Director





Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel? Ezekiel 33:11


Greetings from Boston,                              August 2017


I would like to thank all that have a part in this work. Thank you for your love, prayers and support. I would like to have us all pray for our country, as we can put America in that verse from Ezekiel. We see our country’s foundation being destroyed by the wicked many years ago by taking the word of God and prayer out of our schools and government. They have wanted to replace it with Islam and the Koran instead of the God’s word.


Our young people die for lack of knowledge of the word of God. It is our responsibility as Christians to proclaim the word of God. I have had many opportunities lately to go to high schools and junior high schools, sometimes not even knowing that is where I would wind up while giving out tracts. So many of today’s young people have been taking the tracts and letting me tell them that Jesus loves them, and that he died for their sins.


One time many young people were getting on the bus, but I could not reach my bag in time to get them a tract. When I got off the bus I started tracking the neighborhood and ended up in front of a graduation ceremony. At first I did not want to interrupt the ceremony, so I hung around until it was over. The young people and their families came by me and I ended up giving them all tracts. One young man said to me as I told him God loved him, “Thank you very much sir, this is just what I needed.” What a blessing!


I have ended up at so many events through the spring and summer. Case in point: The Tall Ships Festival came to Boston. I had hundreds of tracts with tall ships on them for the occasion. So many people took them and I also put many on the cars. I saw people take them off of their cars with tract in hand and take it with them as they drove off with the word of God.


I also went to a Greek festival and little did I know that I would end up getting a gospel tract in the mayor of Boston’s hand who told me he would read it. I think he noticed my Heaven and Hell hat. Also, I had Greek language tracts and many of the Greek orthodox priests took them. I started feeling uneasy and felt like it was time to go. So I went into a doughnut shop to get an ice coffee. It clouded up and all of a sudden started raining cats and dogs. I realized it was the Lord getting me out of the bad weather and that put an end to their religious festival. I thought within myself that the word of God says “The rain falls on the just and the unjust.”


Recently I went to an anti-Trump rally. I had my Bible verse sign Psalms 9:17.” The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” That sign ended up in their video that they were recording for their propaganda. Not many people took tracts, but out of the crowd came a woman who said Mr. Costigan, “What are you doing here?” She is the therapist at the VA Hospital in the rehabilitation department. The Lord used this lady to help me get my motorized wheel chair. This is the chair I use to help spread the gospel and hand out tracts all over the city. She took a tract as she usually does when I see her at the VA. This time I had a little more time to talk with her and explain my reason for being there.


Remember Proverbs 3:5, 6, ”Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” I believe she is the whole reason for my being at the rally.


Another time while handing out tracts at that area I talked to some undercover detectives. I gave them some tracts and testified about what the Lord had done for me and also them. They drove off and the Lord brought to my mind that one of the detectives had a tattoo on his arm that said freedom. Well, in my tract assortment I remember as they drove off that I had a tract entitled freedom. I thought I missed the opportunity but they came around the corner again and I stopped them and gave him a tract of the statue of Liberty on the front of it titled Freedom. I said, “I noticed your tattoo Freedom. This will explain what true freedom is.”


In closing, I would like you to pray for a girl named Jen. She got saved, and it was amazing as I shared the scriptures with her. I saw how the word of God came to life in such a beautiful way. The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehendeth it not. I had seen this happening to her when Jesus said ”I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” John 8:12. She said she would like to go with me and pass out tracts. I asked her why? She said, “I want to help others!” Now that’s a good answer. Only the Lord could put that in her heart. It’s a long story to explain how she ended up in my life and I will explain in a future newsletter. I will dedicate the newsletter solely on her testimony. It would be a little hard to do at this time. I will need a lot of prayer. Please pray for me as it is somewhat painful, but yet glorified the Lord Jesus Christ in ways that I never thought would happen.


If anyone can help me out I can use some more chick tracts. I’ll write soon again. Eph. 6:10-20


In his Love,  Jim and Jo Ann Costigan


Greetings from Boston, September 2016

I want to thank you all for your Love, Prayers, and Support to this ministry. Back in April I went to my mission board Charity Baptist Mission during their spring Campmeeting at Brookside Baptist Church in Bristol Tn. The Lord took such good care of me while I was there, because of the love of God in the hearts of the preacher and church members. I have greatly missed this due my poor health.

I waited until the summer was over to write this letter, because it’s some of the busiest months of the year. During the Campmeeting the Lord provided funds for me to go to Washington D.C. on Memorial Day weekend. It took an eight hour train ride just to get there and met my friend Dave Shenfield and his son Matthew. They drove from Harrisburg PA. and we shared the room to go about our Father’s business. We drove around that evening in Georgetown using the speaker system in Dave’s car for preaching. The next morning was spent at the Vietnam Veteran Memorial. At least 1,000 tracts were passed out titled “Saved in a war zone”. This is about a Vietnam vet. caught in a gun battle and later trusted Jesus as his savior. Later that afternoon we went to a motor cycle rally they call “Rolling Thunder” in memory of Vietnam veterans. Around 200,000 bikers attended not counting all the spectators on the sidewalks and another 800 tracts went out. The following day before the next parade I put at least 300 tracts on cars. When the regular Memorial Day Parade started around 1,000 tracts went out to Homeland security, police, firemen, military marching band etc. When I tried to get a cab the secret service were there and helped me. They told me I was in front of Vice President Joe Biden’s office. I gave them tracts and ask if they could give him one. I had mostly military/patriotic and my own testimony tract to hand out as I spent so much time talking to people one on one. Lots of teenagers in bands got tracts and as I testified to them they told me they appreciated it. What a blessing! After getting back home on Tuesday, I sat at my front porch and Thanked God for the blessing and honor to serve him in D.C. and then listened to the beautiful sound of birds singing. Wow what an end.

Last Christmas my mission board took up an offering to buy me 14,000 chick tracts. The Lord gave me a good idea to put them in baggies along with a testimony and another tract. These were placed at every house I could get to. While doing this I got to speak to so many people walking the dog, mowing the lawn or just out for a walk and at bus stops and train station etc. Wherever the Lord sends me people would remember who I was and what I gave them. Some would even ask if I had any other tracts. For example: the girl at the coffee shop, the bus drivers, the nurses and doctors and hospital workers (I’m in and out of them quite often). I tracked about six other parades this spring and summer in Boston and its surrounding towns. During one parade I gave out 1,000 tracts and 800 in my own town parade, then about 300 at another and 400 at sodomite parade. I don’t always count the tracts I give out but I have a general idea. As soon as I get a box of tracts they go out. Don’t leave the seed in the barn sew it in the field.

Now that school is back in session I will be going out on their sidewalks and get to the teens at the train stations. There is still a lot that can be done in the fields of America. I’ve got tracts for every situation and occasion. The other day I gave the policeman a track. He asked me if I was going to the school down the street to give them out. I ask him what time they dismissed and he told me around three and that was the exact time it was so I went. The kids and some of the parents took them. A teacher took one and stood to the side to read it, then went back up the stairs and got another teacher to read it. She told me “you can’t give them out here on school property”. I told her respectfully “I was on a public sidewalk not on the schools property”. I asked her “what if it was something like pro transgender or homosexual pamphlet?” No answer of course, but a remark “You will be hearing from us”.

A few minutes later I shook off the dust from my feet and left. I was not being rude, but how else are these young people going to get the gospel unless we go to them. I believe the constitution won’t protect us much longer in this country in getting the gospel out. In Nigeria you can get a $2,000 fine or one year in prison for giving out tracts or preaching anything in church against Islam. In London the new Muslim mayor passed a hate crime bill, stating you cannot preach, talk, or say anything against Muslims. In Belgium people are afraid to come out on the streets.

One day I got on a bus going to one of the drug infested areas and at the next bus stop about 20 Jr. High school students got on board. As they walked down the aisle I handed them all a tract and they started reading and talking about them. An older lady came up to me and asked if she could have one of my Bible pamphlets and the bus driver wanted one as well! While in the drug area I went house to house with my packets in the baggies and I talked to a lady and to give her one. She saw the drug tract and told me she just lost her youngest brother to a drug overdose. She was so glad I was giving them out there. About four days later I heard someone honking their horn and waving at me. When I went over to that car I saw it was that same lady. She was so happy to see me and reminded me of where we had met earlier. I gave her a couple of different tracts. She was from the other side of the city and was shopping in my part of town. See how great things the lord does! I left riding up my street waving and giving glory to the Lord.

On the day of the Presidential debates I was putting out a tract called “Who America Needs?” 500 tracts went out that day. As I went down putting them on cars I could see a young guy sitting in his car while eating lunch. As I gave one to him I showed the tract and he grabbed something from his passenger seat. It was that tract. He was smiling showing me that tract. Around the corner a Catholic High School was letting out and the teenagers came pouring out. I switched to the tract called “they gambled and they lost”. It’s all about people who died from drug over doses. I was telling them that God loved them. They took almost all of them and put them in their pockets. Out of about 75 kids only one tract ended up on the ground. The Lord used tracts to get my sister, my brother in law and my brother Peter saved. I read that George Whitfield, Hudson Taylor were both saved from reading a tract. I know a guy that when he was a little boy going trick or treating someone put a tract in his bag. He grew up doing drugs, drinking and went to jail a few times; he lost all his friends to that life. One day he ended up in a little Baptist church and heard the gospel then got saved. Latter on he started a tract rack in the church with that same tract in it. That little boy was me. Do you think the seed was sewn? Yes it was. To God be the Glory! Isa. 55:11-12

If anyone can help me out I can use some more chick tracts. I’ll write soon again. Eph. 6:10-20

In his Love,

Jim and Jo Ann Costigan


Greetings from Boston                                                                                   December 2015


Thank you for your patience; love, prayers, and support for us.  It has been quite a while since my last letter, but it’s worth waiting to tell you of the great things the Lord hath done and we are so thankful to be part of it.

I want to let you know, I’m still on the streets with the word of God.  Where else would I rather be unless it’s in heaven!  One of my favorite places to go hand out tracts is the train station where so many people pass through every day.


One day while passing out some tracts a Muslim woman was in a line of people flying by me to catch the bus.  I gave her a tract and she took it.  Two days later I saw her again.  I gave her another tract called “Second Coming”.  I stopped her knowing that I had a tract called “True Christianity vs. Islam”.  After looking at it with a smile she took that tract as well.  Then I met two guys which I knew from my youth.  As we talked I witnessed to them.  They took some tracts and I told them I would pray for them.  Latter, I met a guy that grew up with my son Brian.  As we talked he let me know “your Brian’s dad”.  I said yes and gave him a tract he said “I knew by your hat and pamphlet who you were”.  I then met another guy and he said the same thing.  He remembered the tract that I gave him years ago.  I met another guy who did the electrical work on our old apartment and of course we talked.  I gave him one of every tract that I had on me.  I told him I still have his father’s bible that he entrusted to me.  One day I was going to get on the bus and it passed me because I was too far away from the stop.  Then I heard a horn beep.  And another bus pulled up, opened the door and put down the ramp for me.  So you see there are many things (to the Glory of the Lord) that he does.  I can see how the scripture says “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.  John 21:25


Please pray for my sister in law.  She got saved through a tract that I’ve gave to her quite some time ago and now she has a burden to give them out.  There are some tracts that I can’t afford to buy, but maybe someone can help me out.  I would like to get 10,000 Chick tracts called “The Only Hope” or “This was your Life” and some books explaining the facts about Islam, I meet these people all the time.


These can be bought through and you can send them to my house.  I will be so grateful.


Please keep this matter in Prayer.  This is a special need and for free they will print my contact number on the back.  This will help people realize I am not a Mormon, J. W., Catholic or any other cult.


My new address is:

Jim Costigan  52 Harvard St.  Dedham, Ma.  02026

Baptist Street Preachers of Boston   1-508-212-4625

I’ve changed the name of this ministry to the information above.


Thank You again in the name of Jesus our Lord                  Jim and Jo Ann Costigan    Luke 1:37  For with God nothing shall be impossible.




Greetings from Boston,                                                                                  March 2015


Jo Ann and I say thank you so much for your love, prayers and support; as the word of God is still going out.  Again, we thank all of you who have been praying for us.


Over the past year I have been in out of the hospital numerous times.  On July 31st I had to be admitted to the hospital for five weeks due to kidney failure, but you would not believe how many tracts I was able to give out: from housekeeping all the way to the doctors and nurses.


Being a Veteran what better tracts for me to use than military ones, of which I have two different types with testimonies from Iraq and Afghanistan.  No one refuses to take one, but you have to remember that I was in the hospital from July 31st to September 23rd.  I had days that were so bad, all I could do is pray, cry and wait to get better to go home.  Many days it felt like I was being tortured the pain is so bad, I lost so much weight now I'm down to 155 pounds.  This all started from the radiation I had to have for cancer in 1978, and then again in 1987.  It is now causing my kidney tubes not to work well anymore, so they had to put tubes in through my back into both kidneys.  I finally couldn't take any more pain, and nothing they gave me would help, due to my previous drug use.


This is the biggest time I have ever had in trusting the Lord; there have been a few times I almost died in the last six months.  I was told by the doctors that these tubes had to stay in me or I would die, but the pain is so strong that I told them to shut the tubes off, and I wanted to see if I could pass my urine out of me on my own because I felt that is what to Lord wants.  Of course the doctors thought I was crazy because this could go bad.  I told them I'll take the risk, so far the risk has turned into a reward.  It's my decision, and now we will wait and see if things are going to keep going well, and the tubes come out.  By the time you get this news letter a lot of things will have gone on.  I will send you an update soon, but if you want one sooner call me (508)-212-9790.  Please pray things stay good because I don't want to go to Heaven yet.  Most of my family needs me for many reasons as you can understand.  I want you all to know that I feel stronger, and I believe I will be getting back on the streets this spring.  So you also keep strong in the Lord and keep busy for him as well.


The joy of the Lord is my strength.  Thank you so much for staying with us all these years.

Your friend and missionary,  Jim Costigan & Jo Ann


P.S.  The reason I haven't called many of you is because I lost my phone book when we moved.  Please call me with your phone numbers, so I can put them in my new book.  For some of you it has been years since I have talked to you.  I also had the tubes removed, and I'm doing GREAT.  Praise, the Lord!


Greetings from Boston,                                                                                                                            June 2013

As most of the world knows April 15, 2013 would be known as the “Boston Marathon Bombing day”.  I started my day watching the news at 6:00am and found out it was the marathon day and knew where I would be giving out tracts that day.  I loaded my bag with tracts, got on the bus and then the train to any destination “Copley Square”.  At first tracts were slow, so I moved closer to the finish line.  I was asked by an official if I could move back a bit because I was in the way with my chair.  I then gave the man a tract.  I watched as he began reading it, which made me happy to see.  I told him “no-problem there are plenty of spots to go”.  I moved my chair behind the race where I started and began putting tracts on cans.  Then I heard some loud noises but paid no attention and then sirens, police, fire engines, and ambulances.  It seemed something big happened that I didn’t understand until I asked people coming up behind me and they all seemed to be moving fast and away from where I had first left.  “BOMBS - 2 Bombs”  The noise I thought might be National Guard Canons, I was told was 2 bombs.  I couldn’t believe it: the spot I was asked to move from was where the bomb #2 went off.  I could have had some ball bearings blown in my head.  Can you imagine being that man I gave the tract to?  The tract was ‘How to be saved and know it” from Fellowship Tract League.  Twenty minutes later as I was hanging on the corner giving out tracts and talking to people, a man came and stood next to me posing for pictures with flag that had stains on it.  I asked what were all the stains on his American flag and his wife taking pictures said, “Blood”:  He just saved a man that lost both his legs, look at all the blood on his shirt.  Yes this man was then known as “the Cowboy” in the news.  I have a color copy of him with that blood stained flag and wanted to meet him again to talk to him again about the Lord.

I’ve been down in that area since the bombs.  Tracts, Tracts, and more Tracts.  There is a memorial area down there now.  People come from all over the world, I guess you can say to pay their respects to those that died, and there I am handing out tracts and witnessing and playing a harmonica.  I play my own version of Amazing Grace and people finish walking around the area called the memorial and they heard me playing Amazing Grace.  They say how appropriate and beautiful it is.  I also play When I Survey the Wonderful Cross.  I witness one on one and give them tracts to them.  I witnessed to the police commissioner and gave him tract also.  And, yes, I’m not kidding, the Prime Minister of Ireland, the bomb squad, FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and Aljazeera (the Middle East version of CBS).  I also found one of their business cards on the ground.  I am going to send them all kinds of tracts.  I have also been put on Los Angeles, San Francisco, Russian, and now Boston documentary TV playing Amazing Grace and testifying why I was at the marathon and what happened.  And the grand finale, I was outside of the interfaith service they had for the dead victims of the bombing.  The President was among them in attendance while they were having service.  I was outside putting tracts on all the cans for blocks around the neighborhood and I gave them to as many people as I could.  Thousands upon thousands have been going out of my house and on the streets here in my city.

Keep us in your prayers.  I would appreciate if anyone can help pay to rent a U-haul truck because I’m moving to a better apartment that I will be able to get in and out with my chair.  It is in the first floor level with the ground, no more stairs and the V.A. is going to give me a brand new wheel chair.  God is blessing me so much I stand in amazement at times.  I hope you all know what I mean.  The Lord is so good!  Thanks again I will write again soon.

 Love Jim and Jo Ann

 P.S.  There are other expenses to moving and also for my transportation around the city by bus and train and it costs a lot, But I know the Lord will pay the bill.  Thanks also to those who have already helped Luke1:37


Greetings from Boston                                                                                                                             February 2013

We thank you for all for your prayers, love, and support to this ministry. Many things go on down on the streets and it would take a book to say it all. Like, giving out hundreds of tracts in a three hour period at the station with multitudes of people getting off the trains and head right my way. The burden was so much upon me my eyes began to fill with tears as I saw so many souls that have no idea of where they are and where this world is heading. We are so close to the return of our Lord. If I could say anything to you, it would be to get yourself a good load of tracts and warn your city and towns. If you need some tracts, I have the best contacts for them. Some people have let their heart go cold to the one that moved them with compassion and a burden. “Go Now” don’t waste all your time with all that the computer world is offering. It’s all heading to the implant of chips to the world of lost souls. But thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift. It’s not just for you and me, the gift of eternal life is for whosoever will!

I’m out all the time, but where are the Christians? Where are you? I’ve lost lots of support, because I couldn’t go out for a few months due to medical problems etc., but guess what? I’ve put my hands in my pockets and gave the doctors, nurses, hospital workers and ambulance driver’s tracts. I’m not tooting my horn, but the facts are facts. So now go.

I am having another operation and will bring tracts into the O.R. as I’ve done in the past. But this will be the last operation for my leg. For 2 ˝ years I’ve gone without a leg and have fallen at least 10 times because of poor balance and with winter being here it makes it harder because of the cold. But I’m OK!

I will work the Underground Railroad, where thousands upon thousands take trains back and forth to work or wherever they are going. And it’s warm down there. I’ll be like the groundhog that will come up in the spring to see his shadow. One thing’s for sure, I need your prayers. I have been putting 100% into getting the word of God out of my house and into the houses of lost sinners. Right now there are no sandwiches or coffee for the street people. I run into them all the time and they get the Word of God through Gospel tracts. I intend to carry some sandwiches on my wheelchair, but no coffee. Please pray for the people living on the streets. Many of them have mental issues and sometimes I wonder if we are getting through to them. But the arm of the Lord is not short that they can’t get saved. One man comes to my mind named “Eddy”. He has been in and out of the homeless shelter for many years and use to come regularly to my bus or van for coffee and sandwiches. Now, I see him while in my wheel chair and he says he got saved. Amen!

Right now I am having a test done on my heart at 7:30 am. Already four tracts and a testimony have been given out. So far, these people have not refused a tract (it’s Christmas time) this is when most people won’t refuse them. My doctor had me sign my name on the tract and I wrote “Thank You for your help Doc”. Imagine one day in the future he sees it on his table and remembers me; (one of his first patients) then reads it and gets saved. The front of the tract say’s “Thank you for your service” that’s what they say to the veterans these days. But in the hospital (being a veteran myself) I say to them “Thank you for your service”.

Well, I will be on the bus soon heading for the train station with my Christmas tracts, but I could use some extra support. Transportation fees have doubled and by the end of the week it costs me $30.00 just to get around town. I could use an extra $100.00 per month marked for transportation. This will help me get me on buses and trains so I can get the Gospel out.

Thank you all, Jim & Jo Ann


Greeting from Boston,                                                                                                                           February 2012

 Jo-Ann and I thank you for your prayers, love and support for this ministry.  I have been blessed by the Lord and things are going well here.  One day while at the V.A. Hospital to take care of some business I gave a tract to the secretary.  She said I use to give her tracts 20 years ago when she was on the first floor and she thanked me.  While waiting for my ride home a van pulled up and the driver looked familiar to me.  As I was getting a tract for him he said “hello” to me and said I use to give him tracts when he worked for a different company.  He said “I bet you’re getting one for me now?”  “Of course”, I said, these things happen to me all the time.  God’s Word will not return void.  “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it”. Isa 55:11 

While at the train station the other day I gave out 150 tracts in two hours.  I don't usually count tracts like that, but there was not one found on the ground afterwards.  At the station many people like to talk to me.  One day a lady who looked very familiar to me, and finally I recognized who she was.  She was the head nurse on the unit where I was a patient 35 years ago.  As we talked she was shocked that I remembered her from so long ago.  It was a great opportunity to give her a tract and testify to her about the Lord.  Please keep me in your prayers as I go out sowing the seed.  I have a great tract with a picture of a terrorist on the front which says "Is peace possible in the Middle East?"  It is powerful tract, because people can relate to it now with our country being so involved overseas.  Not only that, but the cover catches their eye.

 Back on September 23rd a woman got saved.  Anytime I see her she thanks me for that day.  Over 35 years ago on that same day I got run over.  As I get older the cold days are becoming harder to go out on, but I feel so good knowing the Word of God gets into so many people’s hands.  Who wouldn't feel good after that?  Think of how many people you meet just by going food shopping or getting gas for your car?  Multiply that by 7 days and you would see your pack of tracts get smaller each day and before you know it you’ll need some more.  A pack of tracts to me is better than a brick of gold.  It’s a joy to the sower's heart as they go forth sowing the seed.

 I know this might seem crazy, but I’m in need of a new electric wheelchair.  If you know someone who has one to give away please tell them that you know a missionary who would put it to good use.  Please call me at 508-212-9790.  I’m believing God to get it for me, so I'll be waiting.  Some people wonder if I’m still out there in the streets.  The answer is YES, minus one leg and a half of a finger.  Anyone who knows me doesn’t ever question that.  But by God's Grace and His strength I’ll continue on.  Once again thank you for your prayer and support.  I'll be waiting for that phone call.

 Love, Jim and Jo Ann


Greetings from Boston,                                                                                                                           February 2011

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support to this ministry.  This past September one of my nurses came to the house and told me that she got saved.  She said this particular morning was like none she ever had before.  She went out on her porch patio and was reading one of the tracts I had given to her.  While reading the tract she broke down crying and asked Jesus to save her.  She told me that she now goes out on the porch patio, but it is not like it used to be, it is now a place of peace.  She said her husband had been noticing that she doesn’t look as tense as she use to.  She is now telling her husband the gospel.  Please pray for Kathy.  She lives in New Hampshire and is looking for a church to attend.  Praise the Lord!

 So, this is what I’m doing, talking to all kinds of people in need of Jesus.  Even through my infirmities and adversities there are doctors, nurses, and patients that I meet all the time who I tell about the Lord.  So you can see that this is a great part of my ministry and to those who think I should get out of this ministry because of my health; well what would you tell Paul, John, or what about Jesus?  Did they quit the ministry?  No, all the way to death they did the will of God.  “Not my will, but thine be done”.  So if I’m slow getting my newsletters out don’t worry, I have not quit!  Although some churches have dropped my support please keep praying for us.

 One day I was going to the train station to give out tracts and one of my grandsons named Michael, who is 15 asked me if he could go with me.  Praise the Lord!  What a Christmas gift. 

 Also please pray for Jo-Ann; her sight is going bad and she is always so tired.  I’m afraid for her.  I keep thinking that she isn’t getting enough oxygen to her brain.  The doctors are not sure of what is going on.  If any of you can help with an answer please let me know.  I’m also going to get help from one of my grandsons on how to use the computer.  This would be great for the ministry.  I’m sure some of you have wondered why I haven’t done this a long time ago; well, I’m still in the stone age and working my way out.  I’m going to put together a web site as well. 

This winter has been the worst I’ve seen since the blizzard of 1978.  Every time we get out of one storm there is another one on the way.  We now have 2 ˝ feet on the ground.  It is very dangerous because you cannot see behind snow banks at intersections.  I’m glad to leave all the driving to others.  They give me a ride to and from appointments, and when I go downtown or to the train stations.

I thank the Lord for all He does for me.  I now own two fairly new electric wheelchairs.  All they needed were batteries.  I could not believe how the Lord got them for me, but he got them and they are awesome.  It seems every time one breaks he replaces it.  Well it’s time for me to go and I’ll write again in the spring time.  Hopefully we have a spring, because it will take forever to get rid of the snow!  You can’t even see over the snow banks and there is no telling when they will melt.

 Lord Bless you all,  Jim and Jo-Ann Costigan  Luke 1:37


Greetings from Boston,                                                                                                                                                             July 2, 2010

Jo-Ann and I say thank you for your prayers and support.  The Word of God says “My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work”.  John 4:34  The main thing that Jesus centered on was doing the Fathers will, and to finish his work.  We as Christians should have the same goal, which is to do the will of God and finish the work that God has called us to do.

Last summer I went thru the biggest trial of my life ever.  I had fallen twice in two days and had to be rushed to the hospital, then was placed in a rehabilitation center from August thru December.  I could not stand up or sit due to several severe injuries.  Finally I was able to sit and was relieved of my injuries, but I could not walk.  I lost two toes and after Christmas and my leg was amputated from the knee down.

At this time we were not sure what the Lord’s will was and how I could finish the work he called me to do.  After much prayer I was ready to tell you I was through with the ministry.   But the answer was clear from God.  “Just do what you do best” the will of God.  I had to cut back on working with the street people.  Believe me they get many helps from other sources.  I would meet them on a bench sitting out in the park.  They would get a sandwich and most of all a gospel tract with my testimony.  I sure could use some more Bibles and John and Romans from Bearing Precious Seed, they have very good print and quality.  I am now getting request from Africa which went through a civil war.  They are in need of Bibles and Bible studies.

By the way thank You Pastor Tom Bonn of Blessed Hope Baptist Church for buying two batteries for my electric wheelchair.  That chair sure has come in handy with my limited mobility.  I could use more “Financial stimulus”, there are many needs such as English and Spanish Bibles, John, Romans and the van needs a muffler and a battery, but what a boost that would be for this ministry!

Also, This past July, on my 57th birthday I was fitted for a new leg.  My body is missing many parts now, but I remember what Paul said in 2 Cor.  5:1 “For we know that if your own earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, We have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”.  So no matter how many parts I lose down here, one day the Lord will cloth me with that heavenly body.  Amen! Please pray for Jo-Ann, she is always tired and has pains in her belly, though they still don’t know what’s wrong with her.  I fear for her feeling tired all the time.  I am sorry for not sending a letter sooner (it’s been a year) it will not happen again.

Please remember the needs mentioned for this ministry.  I will write again soon,

Occupying til He comes          Jim & JoAnn Costigan


Prayer letter  May 2006

Greetings from Boston,

It’s good to be able to write to you again and tell you some great things the Lord has done.  First I would like to thank you for your prayers and support.  Now that the price of gas is up to three dollars, it costs me sixty dollars each time I fill up my gas tank.  This is vital since I depend on my car to get me to all the areas in the city where I preach and give out gospel tracts.

I am out on the streets again since I was released from the hospital.  Since January, I’ve been admitted into the hospital two times.  I have some bad news for you and would appreciate your prayers in these areas. Two months ago, I had half of a finger amputated due to either frost bite or circulation problems (the doctors are giving me different opinions).  In the operating room, I said farewell to the finger as follows, “Well Mr. Finger, it’s time for you to leave me you’ve been through a lot with me these past 52 years, but you’ve got to go.”  I now can tell people now that I have two pinky fingers on the same hand. However, this does not get in the way of me passing out tracts or anything else.  I have found out that I can do just about anything as before.  I just don’t enjoy looking at it.  Preacher Luther Carver from North Carolina lost his finger years ago. Yet anytime I see him at camp meeting, it looks as if he can do just about anything.  I also have a lower lung infection interfering with my breathing.  This has been a battle I’ve been facing and will have to until the infection is resolved.

Yesterday after going to the hospital for a follow up appointment, I went to the train station to give out tracts and talk with people.  I gave out about 125 tracts and 20 Spanish tapes.  These are good tapes because I know the source.  I had a good time.  While downtown the other day, the Lord touched me to preach and it felt good.  My lung problem did not get in the way.  I met a young preacher boy that used to come out and street preach with me. He had not come out for about five years, but he started giving out tracts. He told me he wanted to start coming out again, but so far he hasn’t called me.  People do this to me all the time.  They get excited for the moment and then I don’t hear from them again.  I refuse to chase people down. If the Lord puts it on them to come, it will be real and will last.  I’ve been at it for the past 23 years, and I know it is the will of God for me.

Well, today I had problems with my van.  I brought it to my mechanic and as we were looking over it, part of a fan blade broke off and flew by my face missing me by half of an inch.  I found a junk yard that sold me a used one for fifty dollars.  I guess you get an idea where your support for this ministry goes.  I have to keep this van, because I don’t know where I would get another van with a wheel chair lift for free.  I am so thankful for the way the Lord provides.  I have no regrets and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  In my next news letter I’ve got some great things to tell you that I believe the Lord is going to do.

Please pray for my dad Allan Costigan. He’s not saved and his health is failing him. He has a Catholic priest counseling him, but of course he’s got to get away from this priest and come to the high priest Jesus Christ.  He lives in Alabama so this makes it hard for me to get to him but that may change soon so please pray about this.  I will let you know as things progress. 

 Your co-laborer in the field till he comes,  Jim and Jo-Ann Costigan

Luke 1:37   For what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them, as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for?  Deuteronomy 4:7


Greetings from Boston;     Summer 2003

This has been one of the best Spring and Summers I can remember for tract distribution.  Jo-Ann and I have been going to areas that do not have a Gospel witness as far as I know (no good Bible Preaching Church) So these people do not get confronted with the real Gospel.  Instead when they go to their church they are being preached a social gospel and some by a so-called woman minister.  Some of these old churches (Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist) use to preach the Gospel.  In just one weeks time I was able to put out 3,350 tracts.  I went to the motorcycle rally in NH and (200,000) people were there.  I was able to give out 1,000 chick tracts called “The greatest story ever told”.  There are some tracts that I do not like and do not use, but this one has nothing but the Gospel.

I have a box of "This was your life" tracts that I like and within a 1/2 hour time, I gave out 300 of them at a train station.  I told Jo-Ann it has been 20 years this year, of giving out tracts and preaching on the street.  Many of the same people have been coming through this station on the way to work for the past 20 years.  Some people will be going out one door of the station and will intentionally come to the door where I am standing and grab a tract.  Some people when they have already gone by me will turn right around and come back to get a tract.

 am so grateful the Lord has called me to this work.  I have had some of the greatest moments in my life through this ministry.  There is a place on the Boston waterfront called Castle Island.  It is an old fort which was used to fight off the British and was also used in other wars.  It is a tourist trap and is now a peninsula, so you can drive on it.  There were so many people there this past weekend that they had to turn people away.  Hundreds of tracts were given out that day.  There are so many places to give out tracts it's a tracters gold mine.

I have met, and have been able to tract many Muslims lately.  They have been immigrating from Africa and the Middle East to the land of opportunity.  Please keep me in prayer as I am planning to write another tract.  I have already done several tracts; my testimony and the "Freedom Trail" tract (which I use on the Historic Boston Freedom Trail) which tells the historical freedom trail that Jesus blood provides.  Thousands of tourists walk this scenic tour or take a trolley car.  People come from all over the world to see Boston, New York and Washington D.C.  As wicked as this country is, it is still considered the best in the world.  I thank the Lord that we still have the freedom to worship God, preach on the streets and put out gospel tracts.  With all this terrorism and homeland security, we may lose it.

I went to the summer Campmeeting at in Bristol TN.  Because of my health I flew three hours rather than drive 16 hours to get there.  I had a cloth bag with my battery charger in it (for my electric wheel chair).  I taped the handles so it wouldn't fall out.  The security people just asked what was in the bag and didn't undo the tape to see what this very heavy thing was.  It could have been a bomb.  I am so glad I'm saved, if a bomb went off it would have sent a suicide bomber to hell and me to heaven.  I was able to give tracts to everybody I had contact with, other wise you have to have a permit and can't go beyond to the passenger gate.

I ask you to pray fervently for Joe-Ann.  I can't get into it all, but she is having a lot to go through.  My health has been better and I know it's the Lord doing it.  There is so much to say it would take a ten-page newsletter to tell you.  Here is a funny one: I was fishing with my son and had grand kids we used bread for bait and I said we should brought corn or worms for bait.  As I pulled the line it felt heavy, I thought I might have a fish, but it was a ball of fishing string with two hooks and on the end of one hook was a piece of corn.  I laughed so hard and thought it was a reminder of Philippians
4:19 ..”but my God shall supply all your need” know the rest.  God is so good to us, we have a great God and I thank Him for taking such good care of me.  I will write again sooner and sure to tell you of some of His mighty works Ps 106:1-2

 Thank you once again, your friends in Christ  Jim and Jo-Ann


For what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them,  as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for? Deuteronomy 4:7


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