The Costigans

Roadside Mission of Boston

*Preaching on the Streets of Boston*


Greetings from Boston, 

    Jo-Ann and I are very thankful for your prayers and support for the work here in Boston.  As millions of people all across the cities of America were just beginning there workday on September 11, 2001, It would be a day that would never be forgotten.  I still can’t believe it happened, but it did.  Most of all how can we as Christians not be mindful of all those who not only died, but went to Hell.  All of a sudden everybody whipped out the American flags and started singing God Bless America.  Oh, if our country only knew the true and living God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior who took all our sins upon himself, that we through his death may live.

    I was so blessed the other night when my little four-year-old grandson, was laying down to sleep next to us, started singing “Jesus loves the little children” while he held in his hand a couple little toy people. It broke my heart as I lay there thinking about his little soul.  We could have been Muslims, Jehovah witness, Mormons, or in any other Hell bound religion.  I am so thankful that Jesus saved my soul and freed me from Catholic bondage.

    This past Christmas the Lord brought my brother Steve home from Chicago for a week. He is on fire for the Lord and I took him downtown to pass out tracts.  After he took a bunch of tracts out of my cap (I was in my wheel chair), he came back empty handed and said; people were taking them like hot cakes.  He passed out hundreds and saw only a couple on the ground.  One morning he took my younger brother Joe out to walk for exercise and started tracking the neighborhood, Joe did it also, and now everywhere Joe goes he takes a stack of tracts with him. One day I took him downtown and boy did we have fun giving out tracts.

     I was by myself at the train station one day and as I sat at the exit doors the people would come out of the trains like raging bulls.  At one point a trainload of people were approaching me, I looked them in the eye and all of a sudden I broke down in tears knowing this could be the last train ride or day at the office for them and then into eternity.  I believe when God says, sowing with tears, that only the Lord can break our heart for these people.  This also happened once before when I was downtown, my heart broke so bad that I started to weep and cry.  I couldn’t even give out a tract and the Lord told me to go back to my van.  So I went to the van and sat they’re crying.  These are times so precious with the Lord and I’m sure many of you have had similar times like these as well. I think of serving the Lord with gladness, the field may be joyful and sowing in tears.

     My leg is getting stronger although the pain is very severe at times. Both of us have had Pneumonia and Jo-Ann is now a borderline diabetic.  Please have much prayer for us.

    Thank you Preacher Potter for the van with the wheel-chair lift.  I have had this in prayer for a long time.  I prayed to have a van like this because it was so hard to lift the electric wheel chair in my other van because it is so heavy, but now I just pull up to the lift, push a button and up and in we go.  But now my wheel chair has some problems, and I really need another one or get this one to fixed.  If you can help me please call me at (781) 326-7079.  Now is the time to get things in shape, because soon spring will come and it will be good weather to work out doors.  Please pray for me about this because my desire is to get the Word of God into the hands of many sinners.

    I want to say thank you to Beverly Ellis and her friends who have made scarves for the street people. And to my friends up in Vermont, Pastor Collins and church, thank you for the nice glove and hats, brand new with sales tags still on them. And for the printing ministries that keep me supplied for the battle, thanks so much for your help.  We ought to have an all out war on America for souls.  I’m telling you that I’ve been giving out tracts for almost 20 years here and people have never accepted them as much as they are these days since Sept 11, 2001.  I thank the Lord for this because Jesus said, “For without me you can do nothing”.

                                                                                                             Thank you everybody, we love you all.
                                                                                                            Jim and Jo-Ann Costigan

For what nation is there so great, who hath God so nigh unto them,
as the Lord our God is in all things that we call upon him for? Deuteronomy 4:7


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