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Feeding and Clothing those in Eastern Kentucky

   In 1998, the Lord laid it upon Rev. Potter's heart to help those in the poverty stricken areas of Eastern Kentucky.  These are families that used to work the mines and are now out of jobs and no employment much to be found due to the mountainous landscape.  Rev. Potter made contact with Marlow Tackett, a local business owner in that area and they began to work together to help these families.  Bro. Tackett had been helping them for some time and Bro. Potter felt led to use him as a contact to help feed, clothe, and minister to these in need. 

   Since 1998, we have taken an excess of 400 tons of food to this region. This food was given by churches, businesses, organizations and individuals all across the southern United States.  The Charity Baptist Mission has also bought many tons of food to help aid in this area.  In addition, we have sent about 18 tractor trailer loads of clothing and softlines for home use as well.  It doesn't stop there.  During Christmas, Bro. Marlow has been providing food and toys to the young people to help them through the holidays and winter months.  Each year we send about two tons of candy, several hundred bushels of apples and oranges, and a couple of pickup trucks full of toys for the Christmas program.  This does not include all of the fund raising that Bro. Marlow does himself. 

   Over the last couple of years, he has provided this service for about six to eight thousand  impoverished children.  Bro. Marlow has truly been a blessing to the people there in Eastern Kentucky. 

   Lastly, we have also taken washers, dryers, bedroom suits, and furniture to help those that are less fortunate.  This extended arm of Charity Baptist Mission has been a blessing for us to actively be a part of.  Many people have been helped.  We would like to say a special thanks to George Thornburg of Greensboro, N.C., for the many trips made delivering supplies.  Also, thanks to Tracy Yarbough who has also used his own truck from his company to deliver many, many loads of goods to Kentucky.  Last, we say a very, very special thanks to Jack Hick and Hicks Trucking Company from Elk Park, N.C.  He is the owner that has allowed us to use his tractor trailers to send all of the needed supplies.  He has never charged us, and he also provides his own drivers for the work.  Thanks to each of you that give. 


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