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It is our privilege to welcome you to the Charity Baptist Mission web page. We hope this will be a testament of what the Lord is doing in America and throughout the world.

In 1973, the Lord laid upon my heart to start Charity Baptist Mission Inc., here in Bristol, Tennessee.  We started it because we were opening a children’s home in Mexico. From there the Lord continued to bless and increased the areas to other countries by which we could share the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour. 

It has been truly a blessing to see how the Lord has used missionaries to reach the lost and see them saved.

We believe in the Authorized King James 1611 version of the Word of God. It has stood the test of time and we believe this is the only true Bible.

To God be the Glory!




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From  Bulgaria



Dear Churches and Praying Friends,                     November 2015

Greetings in the name that is above every name, Jesus Christ. We trust this letter finds you rejoicing in the hope of his coming. This summer we've been busier than ever, between the campmeeting in Romania, and the regular weekly meetings, not to mention the special meetings and baptizings. We've also spent a lot of time working on a building in the village of Avren that will be a church house and a factory to print Bibles.

Leaving our local meetings in the hands of our pastor here in the village, has given me the opportunity to visit several village churches with other national pastors. The thing that I see in our churches all over Bulgaria is people praising God. Everywhere I go, the people are glad to see me and have a visitor preach for them, but I am the one that gets the greater blessing. So many people have testimonies of how God has answered their prayers in miraculous ways. So many people are giving God the glory for taking care of them despite the difficulties of life. And so many are praising God for salvation.

The churches are at all different levels of spiritual maturity. Some are full of new believers that have not yet seen God's power that removes all doubts the way the sun burns off the morning fog. Although they lack the faith and confidence that comes with seeing God work, these believers are still faithful to come to the meetings. Other churches that were in this condition a few years ago are now seeing the power of prayer. The meeting rooms are full, the singing is more lively, the prayers are real, and the testimonies are joyful. Then there are also the older churches that are filled with saints who have walked with God for ten or twenty years. These believers have a deeper appreciation for church, and especially the preaching.

Yet, scattered in these churches are still so many people with great burdens and broken hearts. There are always those who are sick or have family members near death with no hope of recovery. Many people despair of any hope of surviving their poverty. And recently it seems I've heard several parents ask prayer for their daughters who have been kidnapped and sold into a life of prostitution. These people have a hard look of hopelessness, that they'll never see their daughters again. But we remember the words of the Lord spoken to Jeremiah, "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" Would you take these burdens to the Lord in prayer?

So many believers here send their greetings. They love you all and thank God for you all, that you helped send the gospel to them.

In Christ,  Zachary LeFevre









Flour & Oil request for Bulgaria 2016




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Dear Friends and Supporters,    November  2015

We trust you all are doing well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord.  First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for your faithful prayers and support for this ministry.

As you know, over the last several years the Lord has allowed us to feed around 2,000 poor Turkish and Bulgarian families in the village churches of Bulgaria.  Each family receives 110 lbs. of flour and 5 liters of cooking oil.  This really helps them during the harsh winters.

Every year this endeavor cost between 70 and 80 thousand dollars.  This averages about $35 to feed a family through the winter.  Winter is upon us and we would like to ask you to help us this year as well and thank you in advance for your prayers and financial support.

Also, I have included a few pictures of the grateful people who have received this blessing of your giving.  Once again, thank you so much and may the blessing of the Lord be upon you.


In Christ, Rev. Michael Nixon,  Director





2015 Four & Oil distribution


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Bulgarian update June, 2015


We want to thank all those who contributed to the flour and oil distribution in Bulgaria.  It was a great blessing to everyone involved.  This year the US dollar was very strong against the Euro and we were able to feed over 2,000 needy church families.  Each family received one hundred pounds of flour and over a gallon of oil.  These are saved, baptized church members who attend our church meeting in Bulgaria.   They thank God for the brethren in America who gave toward helping them in their time of need.  Your generosity has redounded to the glory of God.  
In Christ,
Rev. Mike Nixon - Director of Charity Baptist Mission








2014 Four & Oil distribution


Please click on the picture above to see the video which shows the distribution of flour and oil to the believers in our churches in Bulgaria.



From Ukraine



Dear Praying Friends and Family,                          April – May 2015

“Wait For Me.” One of our members, Vika, brought two visitors to church one Sunday mo
rning. They sat during Sunday School and listened carefully. During the break Vika introduced me to Yulia and her daughter Nastia. She told me how she had been friends with Vika since her university days but lost contact after graduation. Sister Vika had a stormy youth and learned to follow the Lord the hard way. During her backslidden years she married a Muslim with whom she had a child, Daniel. They moved to Syria for several years during which time she “got right” with God. We prayed long and hard for her and Daniel to be allowed to leave Syria and return home. Her long lost friend, Yulia, knew that she moved to Syria and was worried about her in light of the war that has been raging. She even sent a formal application to the popular Russian/Ukrainian television program called, “Wait For Me.” The show specializes in reuniting people in the former Soviet Union that were torn apart by the Soviet system and WWII. Yulia never heard from the show, but God heard in Heaven! She was at the train station in Odessa when she looked over and saw Vika standing in line to board a train! She went home with her to spend a few days to get caught up. Vika’s mother, Sister Valya, spent the next day entertaining them while Vika was at work and led them both to Christ! She said they sobbed on their knees as they prayed. They both confessed Christ that morning with bright smiles on their faces and still come to church as they have opportunity. They live quite a long way away. Please pray for their growth in the Lord.

“God Sent” Years ago I often mentioned a boy named David in our newsletters. He had a long battle with lupus and eventually went home to be with the Lord at the young age of fifteen. The Lord used his sickness to reunite his mother and father and we, as a church, did all we could to save their marriage. I tried to encourage them to stay together for the Lord’s sake after David was gone. It didn’t work. They drifted apart and the husband, Sergei, remarried a woman from Ivana-Frankovsk named Bogdana, which means “God sent” or “God given.” He came and visited us one day and brought her to church. I immediately strayed from the lesson and preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After the service he came up to me and asked if I would to talk to her. I again went over the Gospel message and then extended an invitation to receive Christ. I am ashamed to say that I’ve become somewhat jaded over the years living here in Ukraine. We meet so much rejection and opposition and slander that I just expect it. The whole time I was explaining the Gospel and sending up Nehemiah prayers, I was thinking, “She’s only tolerating this.” “She doesn’t understand.” “She won’t give up Russian Orthodoxy, etc….” There were even a few times when the Holy Spirit’s presence was sensed in the room and I still thought she would reject Him. I asked, “Do you understand the Gospel now?” She replied, “Tak!” (“Yes” in Ukrainian). I then asked, “Would you like to call on the Lord right now and ask Him to save you?” She said, “Bazhayu!” (“I desire to!” in Ukrainian). It was almost like the surprise you get the first time going soul-winning and getting your first “Yes.” It is amazing how hard-hearted I can be in the Lord’s work, and yet, He still keeps on using us here! They asked about the possibility of starting a church in their city sometime in the future. Please pray.

“I believe God arranged this meeting...” Brother Casey and I visited the home of one of our members, Sister Tanya, to call on her son Dema. He’s been backslidden for years and refused to come out and see us. So, we decided to have a cup of tea with Sister Tanya and talk (loudly!) about the Lord, because we knew he was within earshot! Then her neighbor, Luba, an elderly lady came by for a visit and agreed to sit down and allow me to explain the Gospel to her. She listened intently and I had to go back over a few points, but, thank God, she finally called on the Lord to save her! We rejoiced with her and she said, “I came over here to give Tanya some scraps for her dog but now I believe God arranged this meeting.” What a blessing!

First Fruits. Brother Casey Kline hit a milestone in the Lord’s vineyard a few weeks ago when he led a soldier on furlough from the war to Christ. Casey took him off into a side room and led him to Christ…without a translator! He asked if he could take a shower so I brought him back to my house. He desperately needed a shower! We smelled our new brother, Sergei, clear into the next day! It was unpleasant but it didn’t matter. The stench of sin was gone from his soul before God!

A Possible New Ministry. There is a family about 30 minutes away in the small farm town of Luchinsk, that has asked us to come and hold weekly services for them. One of our preachers, Brother Sasha, lives close to them and it may be an opportunity to start a church there in the near future.

Special Meetings and Ministry Opportunities. We thank God for the opportunities and blessings the Lord has given us here in Ukraine. The Bible Institute is going well. We had a “men’s meeting” where we all got together and played “Airsoft” with other groups of Ukrainian men who are very serious about this game. They view it more as an opportunity to train should real war come to the region! The “war” was held in an old abandoned factory with real tar pits, broken glass everywhere, and rusty metal. It was not safe at all, but really did make the “war” feel very real. We are also thankful for the several opportunities for our church to get together with other churches for conferences and meetings. We are in the process of making preliminary plans for a building project for the church here. We meet in a renovated house but outgrew it a long time ago. It is hard to grow with no room.

Pray! Pray! Pray! Summertime here is hard because there is little to no water. The last three weeks we had water only on Sundays and then little more than a trickle. Having water brought in by truck is an option but it takes constant oversight to hounding the drivers for days to get it to you. After it is delivered it takes more oversight to pump it out of the holding tank to our house. Four years ago, the city drilled a well just four lots down from our house. They had to drill down over 700 feet to hit good water. The money for the project mysteriously disappeared, no tower was erected, and we are still without water. I’ve looked into several options and would just like to ask folks to pray for us. The thought of another year struggling every day to get enough water for our needs is exhausting. We also need prayer for our paperwork to be approved to extend our registrations.

Thank you all for your friendship, prayers, support, and all that you do for the Lord that gives us the privilege and opportunity to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Until our next prayer letter or our meeting in the air!

That Ukraine May Know Him,  Christopher Rue  Phil. 3:10