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Financial Statement of Charity Baptist Mission

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Charity Baptist Mission as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.  Charity Baptist Mission, Inc., is incorporated in accordance to Tennessee State Law and as such is able to operate in a tax-exempt status as a non-profit organization.  This is for tax purposes only and does not mean that the government has any control over how we conduct our spiritual work and matters at the mission board.

 An accurate and up-to-date record is kept of all funds received and dispersed by Charity Baptist Mission, Inc.,  with receipts sent to all parties that support or channel funds through the mission board.

Charity Baptist Mission, Inc., does not charge the missionaries for services rendered.  One hundred percent of all support that is received is credited to the account of the missionary or mission work for which it is designated.

Each missionary that serves through Charity Baptist Mission receives a statement at the end of each month which lists separately the amount of support received from each church or individual that month.

Send all inquiries or support to:

Charity Baptist Mission
PO Box 692
Bristol, TN  37621
Tel. (423) 878-8131   Fax. (423) 878-7161


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